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v3.10.5-6 (2020/01/13) – Maintenance Releases

  • insert screenshot (Word and Scan applications)
  • optimizations of base components
  • digital signature for email function of all applications

v3.10.1-4 (2020/12/04 – 2021/01/01) – Maintenance Releases

  • optimization of base components
  • changes of default document style (font and font sizes)

v3.9.1-3 (2020/11/15-18) – Maintenance Releases

  • Word counter and statistics – ForIT Solutions® Office Word
  • File Backup & Recovery (Word, XL, Diagrams, and PDF Viewer)

v3.9.0 (2020/09/29)

  • Insert shapes in ForIT Solutions® Office Word
  • Insert shapes in ForIT Solutions® Office XL

v3.8.2 (2020/09/13) – Maintenance Release

  • small fixes
  • component updates
  • setup optimizations

v3.7.1 (2020/08/31)

  • support for footnotes and endnotes in ForIT Solutions® Office Word


  • Image processing and document cleanup enhancements in all applications with document scanning features

v3.5.1 (Revision)

New features of the ForIT Solutions® PDF Viewer:

  • Export PDF documents as multi-page TIF documents
  • Document encryption
    • open password
    • permissions password
    • possibility to send the encrypted document by e-mail as attachment


  • PREVIEW: possibility to define shortcut keys in ForIT Solutions Office Word (for configuration press Ctrl+Shift+K)


  • insert barcodes into text and spreadsheet documents
  • redesigned default styles (title, H1, H2, etc..)


  • image processing features when scanning documents
  • printing features of scanned documents


  • document scanning enhancements (automatically detect document feeder, and use it, even if the ADF option is not checked)
  • configurable PDF/TIF document compression (smaller PDF/TIF files)


  • BUGFIX: Some text (docx) documents cannot be printed, because of wrong page margins
  • New email sending options: now all applications are able to send emails via the email address, or custom SMTP server (see Email Configuration option in the File menu)


ForIT Solutions® Office Word & XL applications at startup will access our update servers to check for new versions. The access is done in background, and if new version is released, a yellow information bar will be displayed with the latest version available. To update to the latest version, save your work and click on the yellow bar to download and install the latest version of ForIT Solutions® Office.

The Autocomplete function of the ForIT Solutions Office XL was improved.

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