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Document properties

Select the File menu and click on the Document Properties button. The application will display a windows with the following information:

  • General page (read-only)
    • Name, location, and size
    • Date created/modified/Accessed
    • File attributes
  • Summary page (you can edit these properties)
    • Title, subject, author
    • Category, keywords, comments
  • Statistics page (read-only)
    • Date created/modified/accessed
    • Date printed
    • Saved by
    • Revision number
  • Custom (you can edit these information)
    • Add custom properties to the document information

Password protect your documents

  • Select the File menu and press the Encrypt with Password button
  • Type in the password and press OK
  • Type in again the same password and Press OK

Next time, when you open this document, you have to type in a password before opening the document.

Applies to ForIT Solutions Office Word, and ForIT Solutions Office XL

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