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Starting with version v3.9.2, Word, XL, PDF Viewer and Diagrams applications are automatically saving the opened files to a predefined location to prevent user to loose important files. It is also possible to configure to automatically backup the files after saving the documents.

How to access this feature?

  • Select the File menu (in Word, XL, and Diagrams)
  • Press the Recover Files… button
  • Select the file you want to recover
  • Press the Recover Selected File button (take care where you save the recovered file)

How to configure backup options?

Each application (Word, XL, PDF Viewer, Diagrams) has its own Backup & Recovery settings.

  • Select the File menu (in Word, XL, or Diagrams)
  • Select the Recover Files… button
  • Select the Options menu
  • Choose a Backup Folder
  • Choose when the application should make automatically a backup (after opening a file and/or after saving the file); Uncheck both options if you do not want to make automatic backup of files

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